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Mountain View Centers VI – Alta Loma, CA

Behavioral Management In Patients With Alzheimer’s Disease

6619 Amberwood Dr., Alta Loma, CA 91701
License # 366409605

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Services: Long Term Care
Specialty: Developmentally Disabled Elderly & Behavior Management

Mountain View has cared for patients with various diagnosis for Dimentia, while managing behavioral symptoms for Alzheimer’s.  There exists a number of similarities between Alzheimer’s Care and Behavioral Management.

We provide care to elderly with developmental disabilities under the jurisdiction of Inland Regional Center.

We understand that combativeness is not usually directed at the individual caregiver nor is it a personal attack on the caregiver as a person, but rather a mechanism that residents use to communicate a need, want, or desire, when they cannot articulate this verbally.

Residents entering nursing home often have underlying psychiatric conditions, cognitive impairment, and Alzheimer’s, dementia and behaviorally disturbed dementia, all which may contribute to combativeness.


At Mountain View, we know and understand that managing behavioral symptoms alzheimer’s/dementia can be quite taxing.  Because of the ever changing progression of the disease, it is often hard for caregivers to keep up.

Understanding The Underlying Causes Of Behavioral Problems

Elderly Care 7 Behavioral Management Facilities“We also appreciate the kindness and caring you have shown all the residents by attempting to tie their social activities to present former interests. Mom often mentions that she has had fun playing a game, or helping with a special cooking project, or planting tomatoes she loves gardening!”  

Mountain View fosters a supportive, warm and friendly environment with well-furnished comfortable rooms. All residents occupy private rooms. The homes’ small cohesive group environments encourage clients to socialize and participate in both the home and the community.

Pets are Welcome

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