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For Patients


Wandering or pacing?
Using poor judgement, fall risk, Concern about safety?
Our locked outside parameters provide maximum freedom, indoors and outdoors, in a safe, protective environment, enabling residents to enjoy the sunshine without restraints.
Difficult Behavior
Misplacing items? Hallucinating? Accusing family of stealing? Repeatedly asking same questions? Angry, agitated, or aggressive?
Disruptive or violent?
An understanding of the physical and emotional needs of the Alzheimer’s patients and experience in managing difficult behaviors with minimal medications will enhance the quality of life of your loved one and your family
Mentally unable to function?
Frequently emotionally upset?
Becoming withdrawn & afraid to socialize?
Forgetting names or mixing people up?
Creative and stimulating activities are designed to reduce confusion and anxiety. It also fosters companionship and loving friendships.
Personal Care
Needing help with personal needs?
Incapable of managing alone?
Our gentle and personalized care along with 24-hour supervision encourages each resident to perform at the highest level possible
Not eating properly or forgetting to eat?
Eating too much?
Three well-balanced and nutritious meals and in-between snacks are served daily. Any special diet requirements are also accommodated.
Ignoring or confused about medication?
We provide monitoring, ordering, and dispensing of medications prescribed by physicians. Medication is stored in a locked cabinet at a central location.