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Comparison Chart

Mountain View Center Skilled Nursing Facility Retirement Center
Average Cost
$85-140 per day, custodial care is included $200-260 per day, nursing care is included $90-150 per day, care costs increase as care needs increase
Environment Luxurious residential setting, specifically designed for Alzheimer’s patients Hospital or institutional environment Large, independent community that may be confusing for Alzheimer’s patients
Safety Maximum freedom, indoors and outdoors, in a secured, restraint free environment (locked outside perimeters) Minimum freedom, restraints may be used (physical or chemical) Maximum freedom, may not be safe for wanderers, generally not secured or monitored
Compatibility Alzheimer’s patients are accommodated with similar stage patients, easy to find friends, enjoy companionship Alzheimer’s patients mixed with elderly who need more medical care or advanced stage Alzheimer’s patients Alzheimer’s patients mixed with elderly who are alert and do not understand the behavior of Alzheimer’s patients
Staff Experience
All caregivers are trained to deal with difficult behavior through techniques and supervision All caregivers may or may not understand how to deal with Alzheimer’s behavior All caregivers may or may not understand how to deal with
Alzheimer’s behavior
Employee Ratio 7:1 One direct caregiver to seven residents 13:1 Usually one caregiver to 10-13 residents 22:1 Usually one caregiver to 20-30 residents
Activities Creative and stimulating activities are designed for residents at various functional levels to reduce confusion and anxiety Activity program may be geared towards advanced stage Alzheimer’s patients or alert patients Activities are geared to the more independent residents, not ideal for Alzheimer’s patients
Most of our residents do not use psychotropic medication because of the small, secured, homelike environment and staff training Psychotropic medication is widely used Alzheimer’s patients with difficult behavior are usually prescribed more medication
Standard Services 3 balanced meals with snacks catered to personal preferences, laundry service also included 3 balanced meals, laundry service at an extra charge 3 balanced meals, laundry service usually included
Specialized Family Support Audio and video library,
Educational seminars, and
Support group meetings
Normally not available Normally not available