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The Effect Of Color on Memory Retention

The Effect Of Color on Memory Retention: Visual Stimulation  for Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia

Aside from the brain, the eye is the next most complex organ in the human body.  It should come as no surprise that the brain an eye […]

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Alzheimer’s Symptoms:

Body Temperature And Alzheimer’s Symptoms
The incidence of Alzheimer’s is low before age 65, but double every five to six years afterward – Dr. Frederic Calon
It is well documented that as people age, their body temperature drops and so does their […]

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Chronic Stress And Memory Loss Are Linked

Chronic Stress And Memory Loss: Stress Does Change Our Brains
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, up to 90% of all illness and disease is stress-related!  Stress is the most common cause of changes in brain function.
A new study […]

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Low Thyroid and Alzheimer’s Low Thyroid Linked To Alzheimer’s Disease In Women

Low Thyroid And Alzheimer’s: Low Thyroid Linked To Alzheimer’s Disease In Women
Alzheimer’s disease affects more women than men. A significant body of science, now links poor thyroid function to cognitive decline, including Alzheimer’s risk; doubling the risk for women).
The first indicator […]

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Music And Memory Research: Music Helps Dementia Patients

Music and Memory Research: Deep Roots Of Music Therapy And Dementia
Music therapy facilitates contact in seemingly non-responsive persons, allowing them to experience and communicate on emotional, social and cognitive level.
Meet Henry, Viral sensation, who taught us the value of connecting […]

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Alzheimer’s Disease – Sleep Deprivation And Alzheimer’s Disease

Effect of Sleep Deprivation And Alzheimer’s Disease
A team of scientists led by a UC Berkeley researcher has linked persistent poor sleep to the buildup of a toxic protein that can inhibit the ability to form long-term memory and eventually lead […]

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Dos And Don’ts Of Dealing With Difficult Behaviors In Dementia

When many people think of someone with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, they picture a harmless, often confused and incoherent elderly person who repeats themselves.  These would fall under the “pleasantly confused” But, there is a whole spectrum of other types […]

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Respite Care For Alzheimer Patients: Finding A Good Fit

Care Options For Alzheimer’s Patients

1. In-Home Respite Care 
In home respite care services for Alzheimer’s patients are provided in the home to assist the caregiver and the person with dementia. Services vary in type and can include:

Companion services  which is help […]

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Alzheimer’s treatment: Can Alzheimer’s Be Prevented With Coconut Oil?

“Brain tissue is very rich in complex forms of fats. The experiment (around 1978) in which pregnant mice were given diets containing either coconut oil or unsaturated oil showed that brain development was superior in the young mice whose mothers […]

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Alzheimer’s Research News – Promising Non-Pharmacological Breakthrough

Alzheimer’s Research News – Alzheimer’s Research Gets Much Needed Boost! According to Alzheimer’s Disease International, Alzheimer’s affects more than two-thirds of dementia patients. Dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease, currently affects more than 35 million people worldwide, with this number expected […]

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