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Dementia Costs: American Great Dean Smith Succumbs To Dementia

Dementia Claims Yet Another American Great – Dean Smith

Dementia has attacked the memory of legendary coach Dean Smith, but the memories he created will stand the test of time. Source:

Dementia Treament - Mountain View Centers - Dementia Care

Dementia Costs, and it’s toll continues to rise. Dementia has claimed yet another American Icon!  It seems as though we had just began the healing process, after Lewy Body Dementia fueled the premature death of the legendary American comedian Robin Williams.  We just breathed a sigh of relief, only to hear of the death of Dean Smith.   We at Mountain View Centers, salute you Dean Smith for your service and sacrifice.

Dementia – What Is It?

Dementia is an umbrella term referring to a wide ranging cluster of symptoms that often result in is a loss of brain function. Dementia affects memory, thinking, language, judgment, personality, temperament, and behavior.  The decline in mental ability MUST be severe enough to interfere with daily life.

One common example and symptom of dementia is Memory loss. That said, not all memory loss is related to dementia.  Such was the case with UNC Tar Heels Coach – Dean Smith.  Of the many types of dementia,  Alzheimer’s is the most common, accounting for roughly 80% of all dementia cases.  Vascular dementia, is a close second.  Vascular dementia is most often a consequence of strokes.

Cause of Dementia

Damage to the cells of the brain will most likely result in dementia. Known Causes of Dementia include:

  • Abnormal protein structures in certain parts of the brain as in the case of Lewy Body Dementia
  • Strokes as in the case of Vascular Dementia
  • Dementia due to metabolic causes e.g, low b12, blood sugar, calcium etc
  • Traumatic Brain Injury e.g. Dementia pugilistica (boxing)

Symptoms of Dementia

  • Cognitive Impairment e.g., Forgetfulness
  • Memory Loss
  • Cortical symptoms such as memory, language, thinking, social
  • Subcortical symptoms e.g., emotional behavioral changes, movement,

How To Deal With A Loved One With Dementia

The diagnosis of dementia difficult for person with the disease.  It should be noted that a diagnosis of dementia also poses significant challenges for caregivers.   Family members and others providing care for a person with dementia are often subject to extreme stress. At Mountain View Centers, we offer Dementia and Alzheimer’s Respite Care Services, so caregivers can have a break.

Dementia Treatment

  • First it is important to discover the underlying cause of the dementia and resolve it where possible.
  • In non-reversible dementia, the goal of treatment is to improve on the quality of care and life, and control the symptoms of dementia

At Mountain View Centers we use a combination of psychotherapy and environmental modifications.  We are adamant about limiting psychotropic methodologies.  You can learn more about our services at our open house Feb 20th, 2015!




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