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Mountain View Care centeres facilitiesWelcome to Mountain View Centers. We provide care to the elderly and Alzheimer’s at residential cottages for elderly in Diamond Bar, Covina, Montclair, and Alta Loma locations.

 Our unique special care communities are designed to meet the physical and emotional needs of our residents, and provide educational resources to their families.
Since 1985, we have been leading the way in dimentia and alzheimer’s care for the elderly, by providing the best behavior management techniques, assisted living programs, and services for our residents.
Our five star team is comprised of an administrator, licensed nursing staff, activity directors, medication technicians, caregivers, and professionals with extensive training in geriatric and dimentia care.
Our Staff is trained to adapt to the unique and changing behavioral, physical, and emotional needs that occur with the progression of memory impairing illnesses.
The high staff-to-resident ratio enables our residents to maintain the best health possible by engaging in daily interactive activities that stimulate cerebral receptors, while adequately managing behaviors with minimal use of medication.



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